The Hypnoguy - Comedy Hypnotist Blake Andrews - The Safe, Fun Comedy Hypnosis Show You've Been Looking For Guaranteed

Hypnotist Blake Andrews presents a fine show of Mind Magic to delight all audiences. For his full evening shows he produces a full 60-90 minute presentation. As a MC of sorts he guides the volunteers through a funny and enjoyable exploration of their hidden talents.

Imagine discovering that Britney Spears or Ricky Martin are actually at your event or having a special appearance by The Village People. Show participants may even embark on a cruise on the Love Boat or paddle their canoes onto Gilligans Island. There will be great fun had by all when they try out their brand new Maxwell Smart Shoe Phones or when Joe realizes his name is actually Bob, no Murray, no Natalie or any other new name he hears the Hypnotist say.

Of course everyone will be safely returned to the same state of mind they were in when they came to the show at the end. You won't believe the amazing endorsement they give the Hypnotist when the show ends. Ask them what they thought of the Blake Andrews Comedy Hypnosis Show after they return to their seats and they will likely tell you his is the best show they have ever seen. This was all from suggestions from Blake Andrews of course. The mind is an amazing place to explore and it produces great fun that is guaranteed not to embarass anyone.


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Blake Andrews Comedy Hypnosis Show
It's More Fun Than You Can Imagine
Blake Andrews Entertainment

Based In Pennsylvania
Blake Andrews Comedy Hypnosis Show
PHONE: (570) 644-1477

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